Suntech Hypro 290 Watt Wem Mono Solar Module Black Frame

Product SKU: STP-290S-WEM/MC4
Price: $ 310.00

suntechSTP-290S-WEM/MC4 HYPRO MONOcrystalline Solar Module

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This 60 - cell Vem module was specially designed by Suntech to be high effieciency and space saving acheived through the application of PERC technonlogy. Through the use of efficient monorystalline cells, this panel provides an achieved performance efficiency of up to 18.1%. In any installation this panel can can help you save cost in labor and installation.​

High module conversion efficiency

Module efficiency up to 18.1% achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities

Positive tolerance

Positive tolerance of up to 5W delivers higher output reliablity

Suntech current sorting process

System output maximized by reducing mismatch losses up to 2% with modules sorted & packaged by amperage

Extended wind and snow load tests

Module certified to withstand extreme wind (3800 Pascal) and snow loads (5400 Pascal) *

High PID resistant

Advanced cell technology and qualified materials lead to high resistance to PID

Withstanding harsh environment

Reliable quality leads to a better sustainability even in harsh environment like deserts, farms and coastlines

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