Exide Energystore Battery Bank 670Ah@C100 24V

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Exide Energystore RAPS Battery
670Ah @ C100 24V

When it comes to Remote Area Power Systems (RAPS), reliability is critical. Power loss in remote areas can be costly and inconvenient.

The vulnerable component in RAPS is often the battery. It does not need to be!

The Energystore® battery from Exide Technologies has a proven track record in Australian RAPS.

It has been performing in remote and harsh areas of Australia for over 10 years. That's because it is designed and assembled in Australia specifically for our unique conditions.

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  • Available in 4 volt and 6 volt batteries in trays with capacities up to 1800a/h @ 100hr rate
  • Excellent cycle (at 10 hour discharge)life:Large Electrolyte level indicator
    • 1500 cycles to 80% DOD
    • 2500 cycles to 50% DOD
    • 3300 cycles to 30% DOD
    • >4500 cycles to 10% DOD
  • Robust tubular positive plates
  • Non conductiong polyethelene outer tray
  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Long life and low maintenance
  • Excellent prices
  • Optional automated/manual single point watering system available at extra cost
  • Optional lid for protection from the elements at extra cost
  • Optional maintenance kit availaable at extra cost
  • Ideally suited for solar, wind, micro-hydro, diesel and hybrid applications
C120 to 1.8Vpc
Amp Hour Capacity at 25°C

C100 to 1.85Vpc
Amp Hour Capacity at 25°C


C20 to 1.85Vpc
Amp Hour Capacity at 25°C


C10 to 1.80Vpc
Amp Hour Capacity at 25°C 


C5 to 1.70Vpc
Amp Hour Capacity at 25°C 

Voltage 6
Short Circuit Current Amps 2880 
Physical Specifications
Weight ± 5%
Length 528mm
Width 212mm
Height 570mm
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