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The SUN~XTENDER® range of batteries from Concorde Battery Corporation have been developed for use in renewable energy applications where long life, deep cycle, low internal resistance, superior charge acceptance and energy density are required.

sunextender2In the SUN~XTENDER® Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery technology, the electrolyte remains liquid and is absorbed (suspended) in a micro fibrous glass mat. Some other batteries use a gel, which is a highly viscous (semi-solid) silica gel/electrolyte mixture. The SUN~XTENDER® batteries outperform Gel batteries by reducing the time required for recharging. This is the result of reduced electrolyte viscosity resulting in faster gas recombination.

By design, the SUN~XTENDER® produce less than 1% hydrogen gas under extreme overcharge conditions at elevated temperatures. For flammability a concentration of greater than 4.1% is required. As tested by the US military to MIL specification 8565J, hydrogen emissions were less than 30% of the maximum allowable limit, making them ideal for use in confined applications or equipment enclosures.

Additionally, the tightly packed plate construction provides a very high degree of shock and vibration resistance, making the product ideal for mobile applications.

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