CYB Enersun Sealed GEL Batteries

Since 1991 the Enersun range of solar batteries has set the benchmark for reliable DC
power in Australia’s remote power systems. Their reliable performance is a testament to
Century Yuasa’s years of dedicated research and design experience.
Valve Regulated Design
Enersun Gel batteries are equipped with a simple, safe low pressure venting system. This releases excess gas
should there be a build up of pressure within the battery due to severe overcharge and then automatically reseals.
TubularPositive Plate Construction
Enersun batteries use tubular positive plate technology to ensure reliable performance. Tubular plates are formed by injecting active materials into sealed tubes which provides extra protection against shedding.
Low Maintenance Operation
The gel electrolyte and the process where gases are recombined within the cell mean that no electrolyte is lost during the life of the battery. Therefore it is never necessary to top up your Enersun Gel battery. Apart from keeping the top of the battery and the connections clean and free from contaminants, nil maintenance is required.
Float Service Life
The heavy duty lead calcium tin alloy grids provide excellent resistance against corrosion. The expected service life is ten years in float standby applications.
Sealed Construction
The unique construction and sealing technique of Enersun Gel Batteries ensures no electrolyte leakage from the case or terminals.
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