Woods DIALOcharge D4815 48V 15A Battery Charger

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woodsWoods DIALOcharge 48V 15A Battery Charger

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The WOODS BATTERY CHARGERS DIALOcharge is a sophisticated electronic manually operated charger for most types of batteries. It employs a primary phase-shift controlled triac to precisely supply charging voltages and currents during the recharge cycle. The DIALOcharge successfully recovers deeply discharged batteries.

The DIALOcharge covers a variable range of battery voltages which provides charging flexibility in the workshop arena. (eg: a 24V DIALOcharge will charge batteries of any voltage from single 2V cells to 24V systems)

Due to the precise power control provided by the DIALOcharge, it may be used for fast recharging of operational batteries or for overnight trickle charge situations.



  • 240V ac mains or generator supply
  • Available in 12V, 24V, and 48Volt
  • 15A, 30A and 60Amp units


  • Circuit breakers on input and output
  • Temp controlled fan cooling
  • Over-temperature shutdown


  • Manual operation
  • Infintely adjustable power control
  • Electronic limiting of maximum voltage
  • Electronic current limiting


  • Accurate output metering
  • Ammeter and Voltmeter in one
  • Wide angle visibility


  • Deep cycle LA
  • Lead-calcium
  • Wet ni-cad
  • Genesis®/Optima®


  • Powder-coated steel cabinet
  • Portable
  • 2metre mains and battery cables


  • Use in parallel and/or series to increase power.
Nominal Battery Voltage
48.00 Volts
Maximum Output Voltage 70.00 Volts
Max Output Current (Ave) 15.00 Amps
Max Output Current (RMS) 25.00 Amps
Max Output Ripple (RMS) 1 Vac p-p
Total Battery Capacity 30 Ah ~ 200 Ah
Max. Load during recharge 6.00 Amps
Mains Supply Voltage 220 Vac ~ 240 Vac
Mains Supply Frequency 50 Hz ~ 60 Hz
Maximum Consumption (RMS) 1500 VA
Minimum Genset (max output) 3000 VA
Tolerance to Mains Distortion 16% THD
Mains Input Protection 10 Amps manual reset
Battery Output Protection 32 Amps manual reset
Temperature Protection:
Transformer core
Normally closed - Auto reset
Temperature Protection:
Rectifier ass'y
Normally closed - Auto reset
Temperature Protection:
Fan Cooling
Normally open - Thermostat
Operating Temperature Range -10°C ~ 45°C
Connections: Input 10A 3pin 2m cable
Connections: Output 200 Amp Alligator Clips
Connections: cable min. size 6mm2 per 2 meters
Cabinet Dimensions: LxWxD 230 x 270 x 300 mm
Mounting Holes: LxW 380 x 120 mm
Mounting Holes: size 8mm
Weight 25kg
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