Xantrex Truecharge 2 - 24V 20A Battery Charger

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Xantrex Truecharge2 24 Volt 20 Amp Battery Charger

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Designed primarily for marine and commercial applications worldwide, TRUECHARGE 2 Battery Chargers are unmatched for reliability. Available in three 12-volt models, they are versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of conditions and locations. Auto-ranging AC input voltage capability (90 - 265 volts AC) makes traveling abroad and handling poor-quality power a breeze. The easy-to-read display can be augmented with an optional remote panel.

Performance Features:
-12-volt models available in 20 A, 40 A and 60 A
-Microprocessor-controlled, multistage charging algorithms
-Settings for two and three-stage charging
-Settings for flooded, gel, AGM or lead-calcium batteries
-Auto-ranging universal input voltage (90-265 Vac, 47-63 Hz) is also compatible with a generator or other
-low-quality power sources
-Temperature-compensated charging
-Power factor corrected for efficient charging
-Battery-equalization feature
-Ability to charge ‘dead’ batteries
-Battery temperature sensor available (Part #808-0232-01)
-Optional remote display includes a maximum charger output control (Part #808-8040-00)
-Protection Features
-Reverse battery polarity protecti on
-Drip-proof design
-Over and under-temperature protecti on
-DC over-voltage protection
-Battery overcharging protection
-Ignition protection

* Xantrex recommends, however, that it is safest not to install electrical equipment in these areas.

Three-Stage Charging:
Multistage charging ensures batteries receive optimum charging, but with minimal wear and tear, regulating the voltage and current d elivered to the batteries in three automatic stages:
-Bulk : Replaces 70-80% of the battery’s state-of-charge at the fastest possible rate.
-Absorption: Replenishes the remaining 20-30% of charge, bringing the battery to a full charge at a slow, safe rate.
-Float : Voltage is reduced and held constant in order to prevent damage and maintain batteries at a full charge.

Power Factor Corrected (PFC):
Less shorepower is required for charging batteries, freeing up more usable AC power for running electrical
devices and appliances and reducing the likelihood of tripping shorepower breakers.

Remote panel: 808-8040-00
Battery temperature sensor: 808-0232-01

Regulatory Compliance:
CSA E60335-2-29, UL1564, and UL1236 including the Marine Supplement, drip test, and Ignition Protection ratings. CE Marked for the Low Voltage Directive (safety) and the EMC Directive. Complies with IEC 60335-2-29 including Australian deviations. Ingress protection rating IP32 per EN/IEC 60529. Complies with FCC Part 15B and Industry Canada ICES-003 Class B emissions limits. Complies with ABYC A-31.

1. 90 - 104 Vac ± 4 Vac output de-rated to 80% of full load current
2. For 20A and 40A charger, output current derates above 50°C. For 60 A charger, output current derates above 40°C. Highly Accelerated Life Tested (HALT) to -20°C.
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

Electrical Specifications are @ 25°C unless otherwise noted



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