ABB-TRIO-27.6-OUTD 27kw Grid Connect Inverter

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ABB-TRIO-27.6-OUTD Three Phase Grid Connect Inverter 

A commercial photovoltaic (PV) system using a TRIO-based modular architecture can reduce BOS costs by as much as 40 percent. The TRIO is a modular option using models at 20.0kW and 27.6kW. It can be used alone for a 20kW system or combined as building blocks for large commercial and utility scale systems. With two independent Multiple Power Point Trackers (MPPT) and peak efficiency ratings of 98.2 percent, these inverters offer superior energy harvest. The flat efficiency curves offer high efficiency at all output levels ensuring consistent and stable performance across the entire input voltage and output power range. Employing fan-less convection cooling and no electrolytic capacitors, TRIO is designed for long service life.

The TRIO offers flexible power factor control to comply with utility grid requirements where required. As the first 1000Vdc string inverter certified to UL1741, the TRIO leads the way for efficient, cost-saving, decentralized system design. The TRIO is equipped with integrated Modbus and utility interactive controls including adjustable power factor and curtailment. Additional AC and DC protections as well as arc-fault circuit interruption are all available in the TRIO. These inverters provide the monitoring, control features, and protection required in today’s commercial solar installations.

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  • This flexible and dependable threephase string inverter has innovative features to lower system Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE) and improve Return on Investment (ROI) on commercial solar installations.
  • Fully utilize available roof space and maximize harvest with dual independent MPPT.
  • Wall-mountable design and 1000Vdc input voltage lower installation and material costs.

Additional highlights:

  • Multiple AC and DC level protection options available including arc-fault circuit interruption (AFCI).
  • Wide DC input voltage and operating temperature range enable greater PV array design flexibility.
  • Modular design capability improves system availability and eliminates single point of failure.
  • Utility interactive control features and Modbus protocol integrates with monitoring and control systems.
  • Design uses natural convection cooling and no electrolytic capacitors for increased reliability.
  • This inverter comes with a standard 10 year warranty. Extended warranty offered at 15 and 20 years.
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