Latronics PV Edge PVE 1200 1.2kw Grid Connect Inverter

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PVE 1200

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This design operates at a lower, safer voltage from the PV array, while having the advantages of reliability, flexibility and improved energy yield. We call it the PV Edge Low Voltage Advantage. Using lower voltages on the PV side means
there are lower voltages in your roof eliminating high voltage hazards and giving peace of mind
to installers and service personnel. By using short multiple strings of panels,
there are more paths for electricity to flow, which ensures minimal power loss due to varying environmental or panel conditions. The special design of the Latronics PV Edge inverters enables them to benefit from all of the advantages of this system design.

Battery Backup Ready
Another low voltage advantage is that all PV Edge inverters are compatible with industry standard battery bank voltages for incorporation into grid connected battery backup configurations.

PV Edge Energy Meter
The Latronics PV Edge inverters come equipped with an easy to read energy meter. As well as Energy you can read other data such as the mains voltage and kW hours to ensure your system is working at its peak.

Wall Mount Design
Allows flexibility and ease of installation.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)                                                                                                          Obtaining the optimum power level from solar panels depends on many factors. Different manufacturers’ PV technologies, different levels of solar radiation and heat, and the availability of solar modules in the event of cloud cover or shadow are among the variables that affect the system’s performance. Even in cloudy weather with fluctuations in solar radiation, Latronics PV Edge inverters constantly monitor and track the optimum operating point to ensure maximum power from the solar modules is achieved. The solar array is held at the optimum voltage and continually monitored to achieve maximum power output under any conditions.

Reliability And Warranty
Our experience in manufacturing inverters since 1985 and continuous adherence to stringent quality standards enables us to offer our five year manufacturer’s warranty. Latronics PV Edge has a corrosion conscious design built for extreme environments and features a recyclable powder coated aluminium casing - a more noble metal than steel. They
are made to the highest quality to provide years of reliable operation. If for additional peace of mind you would like to purchase an additional 5 years you may do so by calling Latronics on 07 5491 6988. Additional warranty can only be purchased up to 3 months after installation.

The AC grid voltage and frequency is closely monitored by the PV Edge along with anti islanding checks via active phase shifts. Isolation between the DC input and AC output is achieved via the toroidal transformer. The inverter is fitted with a cooling fan, which is temperature controlled and only operates when required. Sophisticated circuitry provides protection against overload, AC over/under voltage, AC frequency errors, DC over/under voltage, over temperature and anti-islanding via active phase shift.

Suitable for use with Solar Modules, Wind Generators, Micro Hydro and other Renewable Sources.

Parallel Operation
The PV Edge automatically synchronises to the AC grid, therefore the output of multiple units can all be connected together, and they will all be synchronised by the AC grid. Note: The Solar inputs of multiple unit Inverters are not to be paralleled unless used with a battery. Please contact Latronics for more details.

Improved Energy Yield
Parallel string configurations are less susceptible to panel tolerances (mismatch) within the panel strings, this ensures maximum panel output.

High Efficiency                                                                                                                                                    The latest low loss switching technology combined with a high efficiency toroidal transformer maximises the PV Edge output even under conditions of minimal solar radiation.

Flexible Path Orientation
Where panels are required to be installed at different angles on a roof, such as a pitched roof, parallel panel configurations can be adapted to maximise performance.

Maximum Performance With Shading
In unexpected instances of the panel array becoming partly shaded, the string configuration will not be completely
compromised, ensuring maximum energy yield under these conditions.

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