SMA 5000SE Smart Energy System

Product SKU: SMA SB5000SE-10
Price: $ 5545.00

SMA SB5000SE Smart Energy

SMA 5kW dual MPPT inverter with 2kWh lithium ion battery integrated in one easy-to-mount package.

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The new Sunny Boy Smart Energy the easiest solution for typical residential PV applications. This combination of a modern PV inverter and a battery with an effective capacity of 2 kWh not only optimizes energy consumption
but also makes it possible to use home-generated solar energy around the clock. The Sunny Boy Smart Energy is the first wall-mountable, series-produced PV inverter to feature an integrated lithium-ion battery, making it perfect for use in the SMA Smart Home. Additionally, the integrated Webconnect function provides worldwide access to consumption and yield data via Sunny Portal.

Requires SMA Home Manager* and Energy Meter.
*Full range of functions is currently not available in all countries. 
Note to Australian market: Radio Controlled Sockets are not currently available.
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