Latronics LS1012 Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V 1000W

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LS-1012 12V 1000 watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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Convert your battery powery to a more useable high quality AC mains electricity and create your own independent mains supply for our boat, caravan, motorhome or remote area power system.  SImply connect a suitable battery bank to the LS Series Inverter and you're ready to power a wide range of every day appliances.

Suitable for operating: TV, VCE, stereo, computers and office equipment, audio and medical equipment, fridges, power tools, miicrowave ovens and pumps.


Performance:- A true sinewave inverter with unmatched surge power enebling the operation of demanding applicances, such as fridges, microwaves, washing machines and pumps.

Reliability:- Benchmark quality standards ensure optimum reliability, backed by a full 3 year parts and labour warranty.

Australian:- A complete Australian made product, proudly designed and manufactured in Australia by a 100% Australian owned company.

Protection:- Sophisticated circuitry provides protection against overload, short circuit, over temperature and high/low voltage shutdowns.

Standby mode:- A key feature that automatically senses your appliances and turns the inverter ON and OFF accordingly, to save power.

Toroidal transformer:- Provides full isolation between AC and DC reducing the risk of electric shock.

DC circuit breaker:- Provides full isolation from your batteries while switched OFF reducing the need for additional battery fuses.

Wall mount design:- Allows flexibility and ease of installation.

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