Selectronic Stand Alone Solar Inverters


Almost anywhere we go, electricity is required in some form or another.

When normal grid electricity is not available or not reliable, Selectronic can provide your electricity requirements with a stylish solution - A True Sine Wave Inverter. All you need is a charged battery or battery bank and our inverters will give you clean, quiet electricity.

Charge your batteries using renewable energy, and you can provide all your power needs in an environmentally responsible manner.

We call it standard, others call it options

Selectronic, a name that has been trusted in the electronics industry since 1964. The technology used in our LD & WM series is simply a scaled down version of inverters we build to power complete villages or multi million dollar marine vehicles.

As such, we produce only True Sine Wave Inverters, not \"modified\" or \"quasi\" just True Sine Wave.  This means that the quality of power produced is clean and free of distortion and with a frequency accuracy of 0.01%, your appliances will not be damaged in any way when you use a Selectronic Inverter.

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