LD200-12 Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V 200W

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Price: $ 620.00

LD 200-12V 200 watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter


Si Blue Series Product Brochure

Product Specifications

The Si Clean Energy Blue Series Inverters are extremely robust, durable, proven and efficient. They outlast and out perform countless competitors products, which means overall less impact on the environment. Si Clean Energy is currently manufacturing the LD Series, SA Series and= Wall Mount Series. Si Blue Series inverters ranges from 250Watts – 3600Watts.

Packed full of style, reliability and performance, these compact true sine wave inverters provide mains style power for those smaller applications wherever it is needed. If you have a 12 or 24VDc battery there is an inverter for you. For those small loads the LD200-12 (200W 12VDC - 240VAC) LD 250-24 (250W 24VDC - 240VAC) will offer you a compact and portable power when you need it. For those slightly larger loads, the LD 600-12 (600W 12VDC - 240VAC) and LD 700-24 (700W 24VDC - 240VAC) will power most (if not all) of your basic camping or caravanning loads.

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