GSL MPPT 60-2 60Amp Solar Regulator

Product SKU: GSL MPPT60-2
Price: $ 510.00

MPPT60-2 - Maximum Output 60 Amp / 3600 Watts 

This revolutionary maximum power point tracker solar charger was designed using the technology that won GSL Electronics the prestigious “2008 EDN Innovation award”. A simple, compact and low cost alternative. Ideal for charging batteries with the new low cost and high efficiency grid type panels.
 •   Ideal for charging batteries with new low cost and high efficiency grid type panels
 •   Simple 3 wire “plug and play” connection
 •   Autoselect for 12V, 24V to 48V panels and batteries
 •   Dual chemistry vented and SLA
 •   MPPT60-1L is optimised for charging lithium batteries
Additional features for the more advanced user:   
   •   Built in load switch configurable as a variable dawn to dusk or low voltage disconnect
   •   Remote load control option and alarm
   •   Low voltage discontent
   •   Surge, PV short and reverse current protection
   •   Connectivity to the MCM product for Remote Monitoring and Control
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