Morningstar Hub Accessory

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The MeterHub allows up to 15 Morningstar products on a single MeterBus network. The product electrically isolates devices that supply power to the network, preventing damage to the network in the event of grounding problems.

Enables multiple controllers to share a single TriStar meter and display both single controller data (TriStar #1, TriStar #2...) as well as aggregated data for the entire system.

Enables multiple controllers to share a single Relay Driver and fully utilize all 4 channels of the Relay Driver for different functions (alarms, load disconnects, generator starts) from multiple products.

Compatible With:

• SunSaver-MPPT™

• TriStar™

• TriStar-MPPT™

• TriStar Meter-2™

• TriStar Remote Meter-2™

• Relay Driver™

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