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plasmatronicsPlasmatronics Accessory
Shunt Adapter

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The PLS2 shunt adaptor is designed for use with PL series solar charge controllers. It allows the controller to measure charge or load currents which do not go though the controller. This allows inverter or generator currents to be included in the controller's display. Note: The Amp hour reading and SOC will not be meaningful unless ALL the currents in the system are measured.

The PLS2 shunt adaptor measures the current in a current shunt and converts that measurement into a digital form. This data is then sent to the PL controller.

New features
The PLS2 is bi-directional. This means it can report net load current or net charge current from a single shunt. In many systems, one PLS2 can be used where two PLSs were required. Because the PLS2 is bi-directional, a load/charge setting is not required. Two PLS2s can be used in one system, but their readings cannot be displayed seperately. In a two PLS2 system, one PLS2 (the slave) sends its reading to the other PLS2 (the master). The master adds this to its own reading and sends total charge and load data back to the PL. This allows you to measure the currents in two different shunts. As a bonus, any flow opposite to what's assumed will be measured correctly. For example, inverters driving reactive loads often return current to the battery during part of each cycle.

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