Hanwha Q Cells 260 watt 20 volt polycrystalline solar module

Product SKU: QPRO-260-G3/PV4
Price: $ 360.00


260 Watt Polycrystalline Solar module

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Our new G3 solar modules are the gold medalists in the modern module pentathlon – the toughest sport in the solar industry. With the best performance thanks to our Triple Yield Security with Anti-PID Technology, Hot Spot Protect and Tra.QTM 100 % traceable quality; state-of-the-art Q.ANTUM cell technology; outstanding] design and the most rigorous VDE testing, you are betting on a winner. We guarantee this by offering you a 12 year product warranty and one of the best linear performance warranties on the market.

• German engineering for highly reliable electricity output year after year
• Q.ANTUM cells for higher efficiency
• ARC glass for more output
• Frame design for more durability and flexibility in high wind regions
• Hot Spot Protect for a safe system
• Anti-PID Technology for top performance in hot and humid climates
• 100 % Traceable Quality
• 12 year product and 25 year linear performance warranty

• Rooftop arrays on residential buildings
• Rooftop arrays on commercial and industrial buildings

• Ground mounted arrays and commercial solar farms

We test our modules to the extreme in the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC) benchmark comparison. Together with over 20 competitors, solar modules have been monitored in desert conditions in the heart of Australia’s outback. Q CELLS solar modules are top performers in this side-by-side comparison*. To see how Q CELLS modules compare to modules from other manufacturers, please visit

With a Q CELLS system you get one of the best warranties in the industry
Don’t accept the standard. We offer a linear performance warrantyfor 25 years of maximum output, as well as a 12 year product warranty – all backed by South Korea’s Hanwha Group, our strong, reliable parent company that is 100 % committed to becoming No.1 in the solar industry globally. Unlike most other manufacturers, our warranty covers you for salt spray, and we have our modules certified against the effects of ammonia (NH3), hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and sulphur dioxide (SO2). Therefore we guarantee that the power of a new module:
• does not vary by more than 3 % from the nominal power during the first year
• decreases by no more than 0.6 % per year from the second year,
• and still achieves at least 83 % of the nominal power after 25 years.

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