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All Natural Energy has full accreditation to design, supply and install stand alone power systems New South Wales wide. Stand alone power systems, also known as remote area power systems, are a very specialized area of work which requires detailed planning and assessing before installation can commence.

For many people in remote areas, a stand alone power system can offer a much more affordable option for obtaining power for their home. Many rural properties are located several kilometers from the nearest mains power source, (therefore to connect to mains power, can be an extremely expensive exercise, especially if it involves the purchase of a transformer). It is not unusual to receive a quotation in excess of $50,000 to $100,000 to connect to mains power.


This is where a stand alone power system can offer a much more affordable option for households needing power to run their homes.

A stand alone power system is a lot more sophisticated than your standard grid connect system. They are a complex area of work that needs to be skillfully designed and sized to accommodate a household's individual needs and as no household is the same, no solar power system will be either.

There are many factors that need to be considered when designing a stand alone power system. These factors include:

  1. How many people will be living at the property full time or part time
  2. What appliances will be used in the home and their wattage
  3. What will be the frequency and duration of each appliance

It is therefore very helpful to the system designer, if the customer has a clear understanding of what their power needs will be for their home. This can be estimated by making a list of appliances, their wattage (which is usually listed on the back of the appliance) and an estimated length of use per day. Purchasing a power usage meter may also be useful in gathering information on your power consumption or referring to your current electricity bill.

While stand alone power systems can operate a lot of every day household appliances, the customer needs to have a clear understanding of the limitations of a stand alone solar power system. In most cases we recommend the use of air conditioning and electrical cooktops / hotwater be avoided or limited as these appliances are very high power consumers and to install a system to accommodate these is very expensive indeed.

To save on cost outlay, energy efficient appliances and general energy conservation are very important elements in a stand alone power system. Customers who wish to install a stand alone power system should take the time to research the most efficient appliances, a helpful guide can be found at 

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