Grid Connect Solar Power Installations - Commercial


Why install a commercial solar power system?

What are the benefits for my business?


Solar power systems are an excellent investment for your business.  With electricity prices set to double in the not too distant future, solar power is becoming a very viable and smart option for your business. The cost of solar power systems have dramatically reduced over recent years and so your initial outlay will most likely be less than what you would expect.

By installing a solar power system your business will have significant savings on electricity bills, both now and well into the future. By installing a 5kw grid connect power system can expect to save approximately $1900.00 per year and with our solar modules having a lifespan in excess of 25 years, you can be assured your investment will keep benefiting you well into the future. Most solar power system now have a payback period of just 3 to 4 years (based on current electricity prices) This is a return of over 25% - this is better than putting your money in the bank!

With purchasing a solar power system ABN holders may receive tax benefits from claiming back the GST from your system as well as depreciation. Speak to your accountant for further details.

A solar power system will add value to your premises should you choose to sell or lease it in later years. Having a solar power system will be a good attraction to a tenant.


There are great benefits for the environment with installing a solar power system. A solar power system will reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions your business generates per year. For example a 10kw grid connect system will save approximately 150 tones of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere—this is equivalent to taking around 30 cars off the road every year!


Installing a solar power system will boost your business image. You are showing your employees, other local businesses and customers you are committed to helping the environment and being an eco friendly business. It sets a great example to your community.

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What size system will my business need?

All Natural Energy will personally inspect your business to give you an accurate quotation and recommendation. A system will be recommended to you based on your electricity bill, your budget, your location and how much of your bill you wish to offset. As no business has the same electricity needs, there is no "standard size" system.

All Natural Energy offer a wide range of system sizes and designs to suit any budget or roof space. Ideally your roof will need to face due north and be at a pitch of 30 degrees. This however is not mandatory and we can install systems facing different directions and pitches depending upon your situation and location. Please note however - some power losses can be expected if the panels are not installed at their optimal direction and aspect.

Please refer to our grid connect commercial packages for ideas of system sizes available. Prices are available upon request.

All of our grid connect systems are carefully designed using reliable industry approved resources including the SMA Sunny Design Software and the Australian Radiation Handbook. All of our system output figures are based on an annual averages, rather than just optimal summer figures. By doing this, we are ensuring you receive an honest and realistic estimation of your system output rather than inflated figures which may lead to disappointment after the system is installed.


What products do you use?

All Natural Energy are proud to use a range of quality brands including Suntech, Trina and CNPV solar modules. All of these brands offer a 25 year warranty on all of their solar panels and have an office based in Australia which offers easy accessibility in the unlikely event of any warranty claims. We offer a range of products to suit a variety of budgets!

Our inverters are made by quality brands such as SMA and Growatt.  Both of these companies have offices in Australia and offer 5 to 10 year warranties on their inverters. For information on these inverters please visit our Inverter Category in our online shop or review the product brochures listed below:

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