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Solar inverters

Grid Connect Solar Power Installations - Residential

A Time Of Change For The Solar Industry...

Now is a very exciting time for the solar industry. A time of change, a time of innovation and a time of new and exiciting products entering the Australian market.

All Natural Energy is proud to be apart of this new solar revolution and is keen to help customers get the newest technology available. In particular we are very excited to now be offering and installing the new Enphase micro-inverter grid connect system.

The Enphase Home Energy Solution - How Does It Work?

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Enphase provides the world's most advanced micro-inverter technology in the solar industry.

The Enphase System connects each solar panel to a microinverter and monitors them through intelligent, web-based software. It's a system that allows:

  • Each panel to operate independently, maximizing system production.
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting to keep the system operating at peak performance.
  • Maximum design flexibility to fit any roof.
  • An expandable system at any stage.
  • A simple solar battery storage option available. 

The result is a smarter and more efficient solar power system that will enable customers to get a faster return on their solar investment.


What Are The Benefits To Using The Enphase System?
More power means lower energy bills
Traditional inverters operate at the level of the lowest-performing panel - so a little shade, dust or debris can affect production – and your energy bill. Enphase Microinverters allow each panel to operate independently,which will deliver more kWh per day - even through partial shade of trees, clouds or surrounding structural obstructions. Unlike traditional inverters, the Enphase system has no single point of failure which means there will be alot less downtime in the event of a problem. 
Long-term reliability
Enphase Microinverters are the result of a highly refined design and testing process pioneered by the industry leader in microinverter technology. With that comes the confidence to offer industry-leading reliability.
Innovative system monitoring
The Enphase Envoy Communications GatewayTM is the networking hub for your solar power system. System owners can easily check the status of their solar system using the Envoy’s LCD display at any time of the day or night, or they can get more detailed, per module information through Enlighten, Enphase’s web-based monitoring and analysis software. MyEnlighten connects you to your Enphase System. Monitor your system, track how much electricity it produces, your emmissions savings and how much electricity your household uses. You can also share all of this information with family and friends, from anywhere, with any web-connected device or social network. The Envoy device connects every part of your solar system to the internet, allowing greater intelligence, detailed reporting and access for installers for remote trouble shooting. If you have a problem with your system you will therefore know right away and will not be given a surprise on your next electricity bill. 
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Faster return on your investment
With Enphase, your system is always running at maximum efficiency, giving you more power for your money. Rest assured knowing Enlighten monitoring software makes it easy for solar professionals to identify and resolve issues, maximising system performance and delivering a faster return on your investment.
Increased system design flexibility
By installing Micro Inverters the customer has alot more freedom in the placement of their solar modules. Micro-inverters enable solar modules to be installed over various roof areas and at different orientations and pitches. You are not restricted to certain numbers of modules facing certain directions as seen in string inverters. You can have as many panels facing as many directions as you want. This can be especially appealing to those without a large central roof area. It is also worth noting that it can also be beneficial to have solar modules facing both north and west to distribute the output of solar power more evenly across the entire day. This avoids having a large peak of solar power in the middle of the day, making it easier to use a large percentage of the solar power as it is generated, and hence increasing the value of your system.
Easy to expand 
If you install an Enphase Micro inverter system you are able to add to your system at any time and are not restricted to the size of your inverter as seen in previous string inverter systems. With a micro-inverter system you are only really restricted by your overall roof space. 
Safer to install and own
Single-point inverter systems utilise high-voltage DC wiring, which can generate sustained electrical arcs when damaged or installed improperly. Enphase Microinverters use low-voltage AC wiring, significantly reducing the risks of fire and injury.
10 year warranty 
Enphase offer a 10 year warranty on their mircro-inverters. All of the main string inverter manufacturers including SMA, ABB, Schneider and Growatt offer only a 5 year warranty as standard. In some cases, these warranties can be extended to 10 or 15 years at an additional cost.
Enphase is battery ready 
Enphase systems are battery ready and are an excellent option if you are considering adding batteries now or in the near future. Enphase is introducing a new innovative battery management system. This new Enphase battery storage solution will be one of the only non-hybrid string inverter capable options available in Australia.  This battery managment system is due for release in August this year. More information on this system can be seen on the below brochure.
Why Choose All Natural Energy For Your Grid System?
All Natural Energy has extensive experience in grid connect power systems in both the residential and business sector. Over the past 16 years All Natural Energy have carried out hundreds of installations, ranging in size from 1.5kw right up to 50kw systems.
Being in the industry for a long period of time, we are proud to say we are not a "fly by night" company that will offer you the world and then disappear. We offer honest, reliable and personalised service with the highest quality workmanship - traits we believe you will find hard to get elsewhere in this industry. At All Natural Energy we offer down to earth honest advice with no hard sales tactics or unnecessary up-selling. We want to find the best possible option for you and will take the time to talk to you and listen. 
 Unfortuantely we have seen in recent years alot of customers mainly considering price when selecting a system - with little or no knowldge of the products they are buying nor the company who are installing it. We can only stress to customers to be wary when buying cheap 'you beaut' deals as often they are cheap for a reason! We often ask customers if they would buy a car based enitrely on price without knowing its model, history or brand... it seems common sense to make sure you know what you are buying as a solar power system can be a substantial financial investment and should last a long time. 
Over the past few years a huge number of cheap solar companies have gone bust leaving customers hanging with no point of contact or warranty on their systems. We have been contacted by a large number of customers who at the time of their purchase went elsewhere based solely on price, and now are calling us to fix their system or have their inverters replaced. Please remember a small saving at the start may lead to alot more cost in the long run. A solar power system is a long term investment and so you want it to keep making you money for many years to come! 
At All Natural Energy we only install the highest quality components made by industry leading manufacturers. Each installer will no doubt tell you their panels are 'the best on the market' for various reasons, but it is worthwhile doing some research on the brands they are offering and making sure they have an office here in Australia and have a proven track record. 
We are proud to say that we supply and install both Trina and Suntech solar modules - both of these panel brands are Tier 1 technology and have a long, proven history of quality and durability. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Grid Connect Power System?

A grid connect solar power system can offer great financial benefits to the customer. Firstly this can be seen in the reduction of household electricity bills. By drawing power from your solar power system during the day rather than utilizing mains power, you will be reducing the level of kilowatt hours your household uses from the grid and thus reducing the number of kilowatt hours charged on your electricity bill. Most systems now pay for themselves in as litte of 3 to 5 years!

Another financial benefit which is often overlooked is that a grid connect solar power system will increase the value of your home if you ever go to sell your property. A solar power system is seen by many prospecting buyers as both a modern and cost saving asset to any residence. As a solar power system is designed to run in excess of 25 years, your system will remain an asset to your home for a very long time.

Not only are there financial benefits for installing a grid connect power system, there are environment benefits too. By installing a grid tie system, you will help in the fight against climate change by decreasing your household's green house emissions. A 1.5kw grid connect system can reduce your C02 emissions by 2 tones per year.

What Size System Will I Need?

Sizing a system for a home can be easy – a system will be recommended to you based on your electricity bill, your budget,roof space and how much of your bill you wish to offset. As no household has the same electricity needs, there is no "standard size" system for every home.

All Natural Energy offer a wide range of system sizes and designs to suit any budget or roof space. Ideally your roof will need to face due north and be at a pitch of 30 degrees. This however is not mandatory and we can install systems facing different directions and pitches depending upon your situation and location. Please note however - some power losses can be expected if the panels are not installed at their optimal direction and aspect. With the new Enphase system mentioned above customers have alot more flexibility with system design. 

All Natural Energy will personally inspect your home to give you an accurate quotation and recommendation. By conducting a site visit rather than relying on such programs as Google earth and near map, we can gain a more accurate idea of your location, any shading issues and what the expectations of the customer are. We like to meet our customer face to face and give them the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns. We understand purchasing a solar power system is not a cheap investment and it is our aim to make our customer feel comfortable and confident in our products and services.

To organize a quotation for your home, please contact us on 02 4573 1441 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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